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UK. How can pensions market help diversify DC savings?

There is a wide gap between the defined benefit and defined contribution generations in terms

India. Around 90% regret not saving early for retirement, shows study

It is important to start saving early for retirement. In a recently-concluded study, it was

Ghana’s financial sector assets see 95% growth

The nation’s financial sector assets’ value in nominal terms has almost doubled – recording a

Pension Savings Are an Emerging UK Political Battleground

Nothing says an election is looming more than a raft of proposed policies that have

People age 80 and over top 10% of Japan’s population for first time

People age 80 and over topped 10% of Japan’s population for the first time, government

إي تاكس“ راع بلاتيني للمؤتمر العربي للإدخار والثقافة المالية في القاهرة”

ضمن إستراتيجتها للدعم والمساهمة في إستراتيجية التحول الرقمي والشمول المالي لمختلف القطاعات في مصر، وقعت

Survey Reveals That South Africans Fear Retirement More Than Death

The survey, conducted among over 1900 South African consumers aged between 25 and 65 years,

How Africa’s pension funds are financing the continent’s infrastructure gap

African countries have huge infrastructure needs, and governments need private investment to help meet them,

Gender pension gap widens as men outpace women by £17,000

The Money Matters report aims to help more women engage with investing Men have almost

Cost-of-living crisis is increasing ‘retirement anxiety’

A fifth of Brits are losing sleep due to worrying about retirement Nearly two thirds

Urgent pension reform and defusing pension timebomb in Korea

One of the problems modern welfare states must tackle is defusing the pension time bomb.

Top funds see biggest drop since 2008

A rocky market environment that affected all major asset classes saw total assets of the

How insurtech is shaping the future of workers’ compensation

Workers compensation insurance has been around for more than a century in the United States

58% of UK adults have low confidence in their pensions knowledge

Only 11% believe that their knowledge is good Research from Phoenix Group’s longevity think tank,

How French pensions will change on September 1st

To say Macron’s pension reforms were controversial is a bit of an understatement – back

Interest rates and pensions in UK: good news and bad

The much higher interest rates we have seen in the past few months are clearly

The added value of advised protection

Times are tight for everyone at the moment, and unfortunately, we don’t know when this

Saudi Cabinet Approves Establishment of Independent Insurance Authority

The Saudi Cabinet, chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, approved the establishment of a
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