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The world’s population passed the 8 billion mark on Nov. 15. While that’s a big number, the rate of population growth has slowed in recent decades, and fears about the “population bomb” are easing.

Ebrahim highlights need to introduce and develop asset-backed pension arrangements in Arab markets

“Demographic shifts” can mean many things. The composition of a body of people—median age, ethnic makeup, and more—all fall into the category.

German employer and employee representatives are taking the first steps to implement the social partner models for pensions signed up recently, under a new legal framework, with other candidates planning to offer pure defined contribution (DC) schemes.

Initiative goes together with endeavours by regulators and financial industry …

Sam Bankman-Fried woke up on Monday still a billionaire, even as his cryptocurrency empire was beginning to unravel. By Friday, his fortune was completely wiped out.

85 per cent of UK workers now pensionable vs 18 per cent in Jamaica

Strong economies rely on the right combination of population demographics, skill sets and resources to achieve remarkable performance.

The Retirees Heading Back to Work

In need of additional income and wanting to socialise, older people are looking for jobs again — and employers are happy to offer them flexibility

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