Arab Pensions Conference 2020


Join Fintech Robos for two days of interactive webinars to navigate the tough terrain in which global and regional Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes balance increasing short-term financial pressures with long-term survivability.

This conference will tackle the following questions:

  • Can Public Defined Benefit Pension Systems be Saved through Parametric Reforms?
  • What do the actuaries say…
  • Can and should governments in the region finance the current deficits in Pension Funds?
  • What do the economists think…
  • What Does it Take to Re-model Regional Pension Systems to a Multi-Pillar Structure?
  • What are the Financial Industry’s views…
  • How Should Pension Funds Allocate their Assets?
  • What are the CIOs’ answers…


  1. In their fifth decade now, pension systems of the MENA countries are still exclusively reliant on government funded pay-as-you-go Defined Benefit schemes. These programs tend to be quite generous, but are facing increasingly huge funding deficits, making their long-term viability a mounting concern.
  2. Beyond this, many companies in the region provide employee savings schemes, however these are not formally regulated and do not tend to be professionally managed. Expat workers are paid the mandatory End-of-Service benefits. Nonetheless, such schemes are inadequate as a pension arrangement, and represent unfunded liabilities on the balance sheets of employers. Dubai’s DIFC is the only jurisdiction that has lately introduced a mandatory workplace saving scheme.
  3. Voluntary pension savings is possible but is not formally regulated or incentivised. The range of tailored products available for such savings is minimal and awareness of the importance of long-term savings is limited, albeit gradually growing.
  4. From a global perspective, the pension industry wants more people to have better access to quality pensions products. They also want to increase the supply of institutional assets that can support long-term savings
  5. By 2050, the global population segment aged 65 and older will have doubled from 10% to 20%. Nearly 1.3 billion (80%) of these elderly people will live in low-income countries. Yet, two thirds of this population are today outside the coverage of formal retirement systems.
  6. Pension systems contribute to providing income in old age, disability and premature death of family wage-earners. In addition, pension systems contribute to promote long-term savings, which in turn boosts economic growth and financial systems.

Event Videos

Event Schedule

10:45 am - 11:00 am Live-streamed from Bahrain

Opening Remarks

Ebrahim K. Ebrahim Ebrahim K. Ebrahim Founder & CEO
11:00 am - 12:15 am Live-streamed from Bahrain

Session 1

Can Public Defined Benefit Pension Systems be Saved through Parametric Reforms?

Simon Herborn Simon Herborn Associate Partner
Philip Wheeler Philip Wheeler Senior Manager
Iyad Hourani Iyad Hourani Managing Partner SOLUTIONS & Actuary
H.E. Mr. Nejib Friji H.E. Mr. Nejib Friji Director, International Peace Institute, IPI (MENA Office)
Hazem Abdel Rahman Hazem Abdel Rahman Actuarial Consultant
H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Maait H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Maait Minister of Finance of Arab Republic of Egypt
3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Live-streamed from Bahrain

Session 2

Can and should governments in the region finance the current deficits in pension funds?

Jamal Fakhro Jamal Fakhro Managing Partner
Dr. Amlan Roy Dr. Amlan Roy Head of Global Macro Research
Dr. Gustavo Demarco Dr. Gustavo Demarco Lead Economist
Dr. Jarmo Kotilaine Dr. Jarmo Kotilaine Chief Economist
Han Yik Han Yik Managing Partner
10:30 am - 11:45 am Live-streamed from Bahrain

Session 1

In the face of quantitative easing and increased liabilities, How Should Pension Funds Allocate their Assets?

Karin Franceries Karin Franceries CFA Head of Multi Asset Institutional Advisory
Philippos Mannaris Philippos Mannaris Partner, Retirement & Investment Practice
Abdulatif Alseif Abdulatif Alseif Co-founder, Managing Director
H.E. Kholoud Saqqaf H.E. Kholoud Saqqaf CEO
Farah Foustok Farah Foustok Chief Executive Officer
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm Live-streamed from Bahrain

Session 2

Considering Funding Challenges and Changing Labour Market, What Does it Take to Re-model Regional Pension Systems to Multi-Pillar Structure?

Ernesto Brodersohn Ernesto Brodersohn CEO, Regulatory Market Design Consulting (RMD Consulting) Ex-General Director
Salmaan Jaffery Salmaan Jaffery Chief Business Development Officer
Luna Fadayel Luna Fadayel Director
Matthias Zeeb Matthias Zeeb Director & Chief Technical Officer
Farrell Sheridan Farrell Sheridan Head of Strategic Development Abu Dhabi Global Market
Tim Phillips Tim Phillips Managing Director
  • Date : November 16, 2020 - November 17, 2020
  • Time : 11:00 am - 4:15 pm (Asia/Bahrain)

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