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Market losses, inflation and currency movements combine to hurt savers this year

Chile’s President Gabriel Boric on Wednesday announced his long-awaited plan to reform the country’s controversial private pension system.

Five central departments released a guideline for the implementation of private pension plans on Friday, in an effort to improve the nation’s pension system.

WSSF 2022

Fintech Robos, the savings and pensions technology provider for the MENA region, is participating in the World Social Security Forum (WSSF) being hosted in Marrakech, Morocco this week, from 24–28 October 2022.


Six Recommendations Agreed for Arab Pension Systems at APSIC 2022

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Arab Pensions Conference Starts Next Week with 500 Delegates

Investment Policies and Returns are Key Themes at 6th Arab Pension Conference

With 2000 private pension funds in MENA, Change is Happening, and Fintech Robos Wants to Enable it

The 6th Arab Pensions Conference in Sharm Elsheikh Sees Big Momentum

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