Our Clients

The dynamic functionality design of our technology allows it to be deployed by multiple institutions and sectors, thus enabling us to serve a versatile client base. The solutions we provide, whether in whole or in part, are purpose-built, addressing real, existing investment operations and savings and pension schemes.

Our clients are:

Financial and Capital Market Institutions:

Banks, insurance companies, investment brokers and advisors, and wealth managers which currently provide financial planning, savings and pensions products for their retail customers. For those that are currently not providing these services, we help them expand their offerings with these globally demanded household products, powered by our digital capabilities.

Pension Organisations:

Public pension funds, globally as well as in our region, have been facing increasing funding challenges, threatening their sustainability or the continuity of current benefit levels. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for alternative or complementary solutions that alleviate the financial burden, and create a diversity of vehicles to finance the future retirement of individuals.

As a homebased fintech company focused on the digitisation of savings and pensions, Fintech Robos is well positioned to support the transformation of pension organisations across the MENA region. Our plug-and-play digital solution facilitates a seamless roll-out of Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes as well as voluntary personal pension plans.

The Corporate Sector:

SMEs and large corporates offering employee benefits such as Employee Savings Plan (ESP), Employee Pension Plan, End-of- Service Benefit. With our mobile-first ESP Admin App, we take all the hassle out of administering an employee benefit scheme, helping corporates to focus on their core business. The App covers employee enrolment, individual and bulk accounts activities, payroll preparation, employer admin module, vesting rule configuration, portfolio administration dashboard, and access to employees’ accounts and sub-accounts.