Arab Pensions Conference 2020

First Day - Opening Remarks

Ebrahim K Ebrahim,

Chairman, the Arab Pensions Conference

First Day - Session One

Can Public Defined Benefit Pension Systems be Saved through Parametric Reforms?

What do the actuaries say...

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First Day - Session Two

Can and should governments in the region finance current deficits in Pension Funds?

What do the economists think...

Second Day - Session One

In the face of quantitative easing and increased liabilities,
How Should Pension Funds Allocate their Assets?

What are the CIO answers...

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Second Day - Session Two

Considering Funding Challenges and Changing Labour Market, What Does it Take to Re-model Regional Pension Systems to Multi-Pillar Structure?

What are the Financial Industry’s view...

Jordan’s SSIF and Great Success Story of Lifting the National Economy