Fintech Robos Builds First Regional Actuarial Conference for Arab World

Fintech Robos Builds First Regional Actuarial Conference for Arab World

Under the patronage of Egypt’s Financial Supervisory Authority, Ministry of Finance, National Organisation of Social Insurance and Insurance Regulatory Organisation of Tunisia

Manama —— Bahrain:   The insurance industry with its various business lines and the financial industry in general in Egypt and wider Arab region will witness a regional event organised for the first time – the “Arab Actuarial Conference 2023”, bringing the largest convergence of actuaries, insurance, investment, pension, regulator and government executives under one roof.

The conference will be held from 9 to 11 May 2023 at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel in Cairo, with key support from SHMA Consulting and global consulting firm, Milliman as Platinum Sponsors, and the US-headquartered Society of Actuaries (SOA) as Gold Sponsor.

Held under the slogan “The World through an Actuarial Eye”, the event is focused on risks and challenges faced by insurance, asset management, wealth management and pension sectors, as well as financial and commercial risks to which governments and businesses in vital sectors are exposed.

The initiative is held under the patronage of Egypt’s Ministry of Finance, financial regulator (FRA), National Oranisation for Social Insurance (NOSI), General Organisation for Insurance Supervision of Tunisia, General Arab Insurance Federation, and the Afro-Asian Federation of Insurers and Reinsurers.

Several regional organisations are also supporting and speaking in the conference including the Central Bank of Jordan, Cairo University, Tunisian Federation of Insurance Companies, Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies, Lebanese Federation of Insurance Companies, Egyptian Society of Risk Management, Insurance Institute of Egypt, Egyptian Society of Actuaries, Moroccan Society of Actuaries, Tunisian Society of Actuaries, Lebanese Society of Actuaries, Arab Actuaries Society, and Actuarial Science Club at King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals.

“The conference has three key objectives” says Ebrahim K Ebrahim, CEO of Fintech Robos which organises this conference. “We live in a world ravaged by crises and major geopolitical, public health, climatic, and economic challenges, all of which represent risks that significantly affect not just people’s lives but also the plans and operations of businesses and governments. Therefore, it is so critical for us to understand these risks with insight from those best placed to analyse them. Actuaries specialise in assessing the financial impact associated with such macroeconomic events and can give insight into how our present and our futures will be affected.” he said.

He elaborated, highlighting the role of actuaries, as relatively less well understood and utilised in the Arab region, but also one that is mostly a backend role globally, as vital and dynamic in the strategic management of governmental, economic and commercial sectors.

“We also want to build an industry platform for the actuarial profession in the Arab world, like the well-known international and regional actuarial conferences. This goes together with other endeavours by regulators and the local financial industry to develop actuarial talents in the region” said Ebrahim.

In an intensive program over three days, the conference will cover a range of topics of interest to actuaries, government executives, insurance, capital markets and anybody with an interest in the management of some of the biggest risks facing humanity. With 18 sessions pivoted under six main tracks (actuaries & government, actuaries & pension, actuaries & finance, actuaries & regulators, actuaries & insurance, and actuaries & technology), the event is designed to frame the key role the actuary plays in diverse environments. It’s also aimed to spark conversation around the changing nature of that role in the new era of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and data analytics.

The conference will be inaugurated by key address from Egypt’s Minister of Finance Dr. Mohamed Maait, Chairman of FRA Dr. Mohamed Farid, Chairman of NOSI Mr. Gamal Awad and President of Tunisian insurance regulator Mr. Hafedh Gharbi.

Registration for the conference is free and available on: