Fintech Robos at World Social Security Forum in Morocco

Fintech Robos at World Social Security Forum in Morocco

Fintech Robos, the savings and pensions technology provider for the MENA region, is participating in the World Social Security Forum (WSSF) being hosted in Marrakech, Morocco this week, from 24–28 October 2022.

Organised by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) every three years, the World Forum is the most important international event in the area of social security. The WSSF gathers over 1,000 participants from 150 countries, including ministers, directors, officers, senior executives and international experts.

The WSSF 2022 will occur at a key moment for social security. Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic triggered unprecedented social security responses, it will provide a unique opportunity to review the lessons learnt and the longer-term impact of the crisis.

Ebrahim K Ebrahim, Founder & CEO of Fintech Robos, says the world is facing accelerated challenges in the space of social protection for the first time in history: there are more people over 65 than under 5. Pensioners outnumber children in a growing number of countries, including much of Europe, China and Japan. By 2030, there will be over 1bn people over 65 and more than 200mn over 80. The number of elderly doubling over 20 years.

The WSSF will highlight the key role of social security for resilience and inclusive societies and gather the global social security community to review reform strategies. In addition, there will be an opportunity to showcase institutional innovations towards sustainable, adequate, well-governed and accessible social security systems.

These debates will be facilitated by the launch of a new ISSA global report on priorities for social security, analysing social security strategies in the context of a new normal, rapid labour market transformations, demographic change and accelerated technological developments.

In addition to more than 120 speakers in 40+ sessions, highlights of the WSSF will include the ISSA Award for Outstanding Achievements in Social Security, the launch of new ISSA Guidelines, presentations of innovations in social security and the opportunity to engage with the wide range of ISSA products and services.

The World Forum will also include the 34th ISSA General Assembly and the 39th Session of the ISSA Council, as well as the elections of the President, the Treasurer and members of the Bureau and the Control Commission of the ISSA.

Pension Researcher & Chairman of the Annual MENA Pensions Conference