Arab Pensions Conference 2020 Goes Virtual

Arab Pensions Conference 2020 Goes Virtual

With High-level Speakers from World Bank, Global Actuaries and Asset Managers,

And Held under the Slogan ‘Towards A Futureproof Regional Pension System’,

The Arab Pensions Conference 2020 Goes Virtual

Manama,  Bahrain:   The Arab Pensions Conference 2020 will be hosted in Manama, on 16th and 17th November 2020, under the Slogan: ‘Towards A Futureproof Regional Pension System’.

Organisers have decided to make it a “digital event” due to the pendemic.

“We’re forging ahead with the vital debate around pensions. Nothing of that has changed during this pandemic, other than the setting and format. We look forward to bringing together our ecosystem of government pension funds, ministries of finance and economic planning, asset managers, actuary firms, audit firms, financial industry, HR leaders and labour unions to discuss how a more sustainable and futureproof retirement system can be built,” said conference chairman, Ebrahim K Ebrahim.

Held in Bahrain, the Arab Pensions Conference is a pension innovation and pension investment platform. It brings together hundreds of pension leaders, economists, actuaries, financial thought leaders, asset allocators, financial services executives and fintech providers from the region and around the world.

This conference will tackle the following questions:

• Can Public Defined Benefit Pension Systems be Saved by Parametric Fixes?

What do the actuaries say…

• Can and should governments in the region finance the current deficits pension funds?

What do the economists think…

• What Does it Take to Re-model Regional Pension Systems to a Multi-Pillar Structure?

What are the Financial Industry’s views…

• How Should Pension Funds Invest their Assets?

What are the Chief Investment Officers’ answers…

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Ebrahim said this is the only event for the pension industry in the Arab region, supported by a number of regional and international institutions, reinforcing Bahrain’s attractiveness as a hub for major economic and financial events.

“What really makes this event prominent among global pension conferences is the participation of all key actors in the sector, including pension funds, international institutions, investment houses and financial markets. It also links pensions with HR management strategies in terms of employee benefits, employee engagement, and related technology applications, which itself is a large industry in developed markets,” elaborated Mr. Ebrahim.

Pension Researcher & Chairman of the Annual MENA Pensions Conference