How Much Businesses in our Region Engage Staff? Can CEOs and HR Leaders Afford to Ignore that?

How Much Businesses in our Region Engage Staff? Can CEOs and HR Leaders Afford to Ignore that?

HR communications and employee engagement is a powerful topic; innovative and unique for HR management in this region. Studies indicate that businesses aware of the potential in this are surely in for a distinct future.

A more rigorous engagement strategy has become indispensable, and HR has a vital role to play in helping organizations make the transition. Modern HR teams have access to data-based tools allowing them to effectively measure employee engagement, and just as crucially to quantify its impact on the business for the decision makers in the boardroom. They should identify opportunities for enhanced employee engagement on relevant parameters that lead to greater organizational success. In this way, HR will find itself at the centre of the business, driving engagement strategies that best serve the organization’s growth ambitions.

An essential part of employee engagement that shouldn’t be overlooked is employee benefits. There has never been a greater need for effective employee benefits to enhance workers’ lives before and after retirement. Today, there are innovative ways in which HR communicators provide benefits information to employees, and explain the linkage between an employer’s engagement strategy and employees’ happiness and loyalty to the business.

HR scientists stress “there’s an incredible connection between employee benefits and business productivity, but it’s probably one that most organisations do not necessarily measure. Very few businesses make the extra effort to connect benefits to business outcomes and productivity”. They explain that aligning the employee engagement side with the overall business of an organization is extremely powerful in improving any company’s performance. There’s tremendous energy in the HR space to help create an ideal workplace where people can bring their best self to work. Benefits and the way they are communicated can make a positive influence on employees’ lives.

Pension Researcher & Chairman of the Annual MENA Pensions Conference